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Lovely Anne

Lovely Anne

Anne about herself: Hey guys! My name is Anne, and I've just turned 18. Its really weird how I got to this all website thing. I never thought of getting in front of the cam. But I have a friend that met the love of her life on the web, so with me being a poor girl from Hungary I decided to give it a try, evenif I won't meet mister right, at least I'll make some money to pay the bills...

Some of my friend told me I should do modeling, which sounded kinda boring; an internet site is so much more fun and gives me the option of showing my sexy side. Plus with me being incollege, it's way easier to do both :)

Anne's Personal Site: Inside my members area you will find tons of movies, quite a few of them been shoot by me, cause this is as real as it gets and made me feel more relaxed since no one was in the room ;)

Excerpt of BravoPorn Review: Anne is a pretty blue-eyed blonde that doesn't seem to be shy at all. She enjoys showing off her amazing body and very proud of having her own website. Her site isn't very informative about the exact amount of photo/video content instead...

Visit her personal web site!

Lovely Anne Free Galleries

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SofaAdded: 2008-06-26StarGo to StarAdded: 2008-06-26TendernessGo to TendernessAdded: 2008-06-26White LingerieGo to White LingerieAdded: 2008-03-28Pigtail HottieGo to Pigtail HottieAdded: 2008-03-28Sweet WhitenessGo to Sweet WhitenessAdded: 2008-03-28Awesome TitsGo to Awesome TitsAdded: 2008-03-28Smily BabeGo to Smily BabeAdded: 2008-03-28Perfect LinesGo to Perfect LinesAdded: 2008-03-28Nasty GirlGo to Nasty GirlAdded: 2008-03-28Winter Sexiest GirlGo to Winter Sexiest GirlAdded: 2008-03-28Ready to launderingGo to Ready to launderingAdded: 2008-03-28SweaterGo to SweaterAdded: 2008-03-28Wishing to MasturbateGo to Wishing to MasturbateAdded: 2008-03-28Lovely SchoolgirlGo to Lovely SchoolgirlAdded: 2008-03-28Dress OffGo to Dress OffAdded: 2008-03-28Lovely TitsGo to Lovely TitsAdded: 2008-03-28Sunny Blonde AnneGo to Sunny Blonde AnneAdded: 2008-03-28Sex SchoolgirlGo to Sex SchoolgirlAdded: 2008-03-28After ShowerGo to After ShowerAdded: 2008-03-28Candy AnneGo to Candy AnneAdded: 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UmbrellaGo to Nude UmbrellaAdded: 2008-03-28CowgirlGo to CowgirlAdded: 2008-03-28CameraGo to CameraAdded: 2008-03-28Clime upGo to Clime upAdded: 2008-03-28


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